Our founder’s vision is a truck of Ultimate Dependability, a truck more reliable and efficient than the others. Quester, superior in its durability, tough and yet easy for maintenance, is the truck that can handle heavy duties in mining and construction locations.

Find the best in every aspect of this truck. Created and manufactured by experts with vast experiences, Quester boasts unique quality and has been tested all-around in all conditions. Quester offers what other trucks cannot do and with its extraordinary efficiency and productivity, gives a bigger profit for you. This is your durable truck that offers the best performance with optimum results day- to-day.

Product Warranty

UD Trucks Corporation warrants with the warranty certificate that the vehicle is free from material and manufacturing defects that may arise during delivery or within the warranty period.

From date of delivery, all vehicles are warranted for twelve months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. Date of delivery is printed on the warranty certificate and the warranty is valid for vehicle operation on road or off road and for vehicle in completely-built-up or completely-knocked-down conditions.
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