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Made to go the extra mile
  • Quester

    Our founder’s vision is a truck of Ultimate Dependability, a truck more reliable and efficient than the others. Quester, superior in its durability, tough and yet easy for maintenance, is the truck that can handle heavy duties in mining and construction locations.
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  • Design of UD Truck Engine

    • New 8-liter engine and 11-liter engine developed by UD Trucks.
    • Electronic fuel injection
    • Engine equipped with turbocharger/intercooler with high efficiency, air cooler to maintain longer cold temperature for efficiency in cost and air compressor
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  • Durable components for longer economic life and higher trade-in value

    Strong and durable chassis frame that withstands torsion stress and vertical stress ensures long use of chassis frame
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  • We understand your truck

    • Full knowledge of you truck’s maintenance history
    • Our professional technicians available all across Indonesia
    • Your truck diagnostic and special repair equipment are available all across Indonesia
    • Professional maintenance of your truck
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  • Complete chassis solution

    • Length of Rear Overhang Customizable
    • Optimum Distribution of Weight
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Made to go the extra mile
  • Quester CDE

    Quester CDE

    (6x2 Rigid)
    Power (hp): 250/280
    WB (m): 5.1, 5.6, 6.1
    General Cargo & Industry
  • Quester CKE

    Quester CKE

    (4x2 Rigid)
    Power (hp): 250
    WB (m): 4.6, 5.2, 6.0
    General Cargo & Industry
  • Quester GKE

    Quester GKE

    (4x2 Tractor Head)
    Power (hp): 280
    WB (m): 3.5
    General Cargo & Industry, EMKL, Petroleum & Chemical
  • Quester CWE

    Quester CWE

    (6x4 Rigid)
    Power (hp): 280
    WB (m): 3.7, 4.3, 5.6, 6.1
    Construction / Mining
  • Quester CQE

    Quester CQE

    (8x2 Rigid)
    Power (hp): 280
    WB (m): 5.8
    General Cargo & Industry
  • Quester GDE

    Quester GDE

    (6x2 Tractor Head)
    Power (hp): 280
    WB (m): 3.4
  • Quester GWE

    Quester GWE

    (6x4 Tractor Head)
    Power (hp): 280/330/370
    WB (m): 3.4
    EMKL, Construction / Mining, Petroleum & Chemical
Saving you the most precious resource of all time
  • Kuzer

    Kuzer is made to deliver extra. A new line of trucks from UD Trucks, Kuzer gives what is needed most in doing business: flexibility, productivity, long service, fuel efficiency, and most comfortable cabin. Kuzer is a giant step of the famous and innovative Japanese technology. By combining the new generation CRS (Common Rail System) engine that is durable in a practical and agile design, Kuzer offers more significant performance and for truck in its class.
  • Flexibility

    Kuzer is your perfect partner for urban delivery. This truck offers reliability and resilience, strength, performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Its practical and compact design allows Kuzer to make sharp cornering easily. Kuzer is a truck always on move and at the ready. Its cabin is designed as your workplace.
  • Productivity

    With a new generation engine, 3 BL CRS offers spectacular power and performance. With better stability and a wider chassis, and 6-speed gear, this truck gives a maximum speed that brings comfort to its driver. Driving every day is something fun with Kuzer.
  • Operation

    CRS is a flexible and yet tough engine that produces powerful torque and output. Equipment guided by OBD and CAN-based communication facilitate diagnostic information and with Modem 3.0 Engine Management System, optimum operation and maintenance of Kuzer is made easily.
  • Operation

    Optimum engine and transmission ratio in an aerodynamic cabin produces better fuel efficiency. With driver training on fuel efficiency, fuel-saving is maximized during driving. Kuzer has always come out as the best fuel-saving truck test recently.

Saving you the most precious resource of all time
  • Kuzer RKE

    Kuzer RKE

    (4x2 Rigid)
    Power (hp): 150
    WB (m): 3.3, 3.8
    General Cargo & Industry

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