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Astra UD Trucks Genuine Service

Quality Service by Professional Technicians

Cutting down on costs in a long-term begins with the best service. This is the reason why UD Genuine Service is carried out in authorized UD Trucks workshops that have access to UD Trucks tools and diagnostic tools. All of these ensure that you get the best service and maintenance and the most efficient cost for your business operation. You can get this service in all authorized UD Trucks workshops across the country.

A Special Service for Your Truck

With the service plan that UD Trucks offers, you can receive individual service plan based on your business.

UD Trucks service networks all over Indonesia keep your business rolling

With our service all over Indonesia, you can never get too far from UD Trucks technicians. We are always ready to assist you and make sure you will get the necessary support to keep your business rolling, from maintenance and preventive measures to spare parts that are easily found in all UD Trucks distribution networks across the nation.

Astra UD Service Planning

Working longer and more efficiently with Quester

The road is where a truck is. That’s why a Quester is designed specifically for a longer service, up to 2,000km, depending on the truck’s operation. This means fewer workshop visits and significantly less cost for maintenance and for every kilometer. But more importatntly, UD Genuine Parts help you maximize service life your truck, keeping your truck longer on the road. It is an assurance for improvement in profit and productivity.

Long maintenance interval means fewer workshop visits and significantly less cost

  Frekuensi Penggantian
Penyaring GH8 GH11
Air Filter - Primary Every 60.000 km
Air Filter - Secondary Every 120.000 km
Fuel Tank Ventilation Filter Every 60.000 km
Fuel Filter - Primary Every 20.000 km
Fuel Filter – Secondary
Engine Oil Filter
Engine Oil Bypass Filter
Air Filter Cartridge Every 60.000 km
Engine Oil Every 20.000 km
Rear axle Oil Every 40.000 km
Gearbox Oil Every 60.000 km
Lubrication Every 20.000 km
Battery water (replacement)

*GH8 : 8-liter engine
*GH11 : 11-liter engine
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