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UD Trust Standard & Ultimate

Improve Your Truck's Profitability

UD Trust is a comprehensive service agreement designed especially for you to help you reduce total maintenance cost of your truck.

With UD Trust, you can be assured with excellent service that keeps your truck in its best performance; you will always get the best from experts and products of UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts.

Enjoy maximum service from our after-sales and maximize from your investment.

UD Trust comes in two packages:

  • Standard
  • Ultimate

How to Do It:

  1. Visit UD Trucks sales representative
  2. Choose the service plan that meets your need. You will only have to pay the service you choose
  3. Service is immediately ready after the contract is signed
  4. To minimize paper work, you will receive only one invoice every month.

Extra Support from UD

For further information about UD Trust or ways for cutting operational costs and improving your truck’s operation time, please contact your nearest dealer or our sales team.

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