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UD Telematics Services is a solution to fleet management from UD Trucks. UD Telematics Services is a wireless communication system with high technology designed to make your transportation operation more profitable and efficient.

UD Telematics Services :

  • controls fuel cost
  • improves driver’s productivity
  • monitors your fleet and driver
  • reduce administrative works, and
  • support improvement of your drive

UD Telematics Services


Ensure you get information about location of your fleet or truck with high precision. The features include:

  • tracking and tracing your truck on a certain period.
  • providing trip summary on a certain period, and
  • giving information on status of truck.


Analyzes driving style and processing it into an easy-to-understand report. Connected to IECU, UD Telematics can:

  • analyze fuel consumption while it is being driven, in idle position, and at PTO, and.
  • inform fuel efficiency for each driver (with Driver ID feature).


This feature will signal you when there is unusual loss of fuel. It will inform you : 

  • when and where the loss occurred
  • how much fuel is reduced and left after the unusual loss. 


This feature always updates you with the service schedule and ensures that your truck get the best service at the right. UD Trucks dealer will identify code for repair that appears in your truck and will give you a warning whenever a potential problem is detected. 

In addition, UD Truck dealer will help you improve your driving for a more efficient fuel cost. 


  • Geofence stands for Geographical Fence.
  • Geofence is an area specifically designated in which Telematics users will get notification about a vehicle coming in or out the area.
  • Geofence will help Telematics user to monitor fleet coming in or out in a designated location.
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